Electric Totem


ceramic casting, 2014


The Electric Totem is reminiscent of a storefront display. The installation mimics the common modes of display in major electrical appliance stores which present their mass produced products at clearance prices. It incorporates daily appliances, in which I juxtaposed the temporary with the timeless, to create cheap disposable objects made of ceramics. The obsessive use of cheaply manufactured appliances made in China represent the ease with which modern culture dispenses of poorly manufactured products.
The piece demonstrates how modern commercial culture propagates compulsive product consumption. The use of traditional workmanship incorporating quality ceramic techniques, confronts and ridicules the objects produced by mass industrialization and value-free design.

Now showing at the designjunction London, and was exhibited at the “Design Underground” at the Tel Aviv Binyamini Art Center. The exhibition addressed the relationship between designers, industry and users illuminating the contemporary disposable corporate culture. ( Exhibition Review)